Sandstone Quarrying And Processing

Sandstone Quarrying And Processing

Sandstone is one of the most widely used building stone , sandstone in recent years as a natural building material, is a natural follow fashion and respected architect , widely used in the commercial and home decor. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock , wherein the clay content in the sand is greater than 50% , the majority decision is made of quartz sand or feldspar composition .

How can make the will sandstone into the raw materials needed for our industry with high efficiency and high yield ? We need to analyze its mineral properties, chemical composition and particle size characteristics , master affect its performance parameters of the equipment , materials, etc. . In order to optimize the process and reasonable , configure the device, the choice of materials and adjusting gradation and fineness modulus of sand and so on. Our production of mining engineering machinery and equipment, such as jaw crusher , impact crusher , cone crusher , sand crusher, mobile crushing station has a very good application and effects.

Sandstone sand crusher, its crushing performance requirements higher than limestone. In order to increase the rate of sandstone sand and keep good fineness modulus , in addition to consider a good basic properties of material lithology, reasonable process, reasonable equipment. Recommend the use of vertical shaft impact crusher sand in sand, it not only can be used to improve the rate of line speed and increase the material impact frequency to solve, also can effectively cope with dry sieving production.

With the continued development of our infrastructure and the importance of environmental protection , existing natural sand resources can not meet the project needs, the use of artificial sand has become the future trend of development. Looking now various types of sand making equipment , the most common are: rod mill , impact crusher , cone crusher and vertical shaft impact crusher. These types of sand making equipment in sand production , although both have their own characteristics , but in practice there can not avoid the question : lithology , feed particle size, wear-resistant materials , gradation adjustment and dust content and the moisture content of the sand . Then, in the selection of sand equipment in the sandstone quarrying and processing plant, how to effectively solve these problems based on our experience, you can configure the system according to the following principle of reasonable sand equipment .

Sandstone Quarrying And Processing

According to different lithology configuration:

1.when limestone as raw material , the choice of rod mill and a combination of ultra- fine crushing cone crusher production . The reason: the mechanism of the rod mill sand uniform, fine particle size bias , high equipment investment and production costs ; crushing cone crusher mechanism of high yield but coarse particle size , fineness modulus is generally above 3.2 grade this type of combination of sand with stable , and can effectively adjust the fineness modulus of sand to ensure the quality and yield of sand ;

2. when the sandstone and granite as raw materials , the choice of crusher and sand Sand combination of production . The reason is : Sandstone Sand spout artificial sand content of up to 40.5% -70 % , and with a stable, but coarse particle size ; crusher can produce 10 ~ 40mm in diameter of 51% and 11% of the stone sand , where 51 percent of the stone used to deploy vertical shaft crusher sand production , 11% of the sand can effectively adjust the fineness modulus of sand .

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