River Gravel Sand Making Machine

River Gravel Sand Making Machine

In recent years , more and more investors are turning to the river gravel sand , especially with the rise of the Sand making machine . Due to the rich resources of the river pebbles , relatively low acquisition cost , river gravel aggregates mechanisms have gradually become the most widely used building stone .

According to the local formation of different size,river gravel thickness is different and there is a very high silicon content of the river stone .Therefore, using the river gravel to make sand,we should choose suitable crushing scheme according to the different situation, especially considering the stone to wear crusher equipment parts.

Take the impact crusher as a example, when crushing river gravel, crusher wear parts that wear very quickly , the production cost of inputs will be quite high. Therefore, in the conduct of river gravel sand , owners often use the selection program of " jaw crusher +cone crusher+ VSI crusher " . However, due to the limit of feed inlet of cone crusher , only as a secondary crushing equipment. If making sand , must also use the sand making machine at last. Moreover, cone crusher not only expensive, but also production capacity is not very high.

So there is no alternative to the cone crusher equipment? Answer is yes . In recent years, our company developed a new type of deep rotor vertical shaft impact crusher has a wide range of applications in the market, at the same time get a lot of owners praise . Vertical shaft impact crusher sand making machine is equipped with a high-performance vertical shaft crusher , for river gravel, granite, quartz sand gravel high wear mineral preparation. Not only can crush various abrasion resistance of stone, and wearing parts wear low, strong production capacity. It's the ideal choose for river gravel sand making machine.

Compared with the traditional sand making machine, it has the following advantages:

  • patented double cavity type rotor design, production capacity increased by more than 1 times ;
  • feed size increased 1 times;
  • no plug production;
  • reduce rotor wear more than one times, consumption decreased by 50% ;
River Gravel Sand Making Machine

Therefore, with the deep rotor vertical shaft impact crusher, river gravel sand making machine will bid farewell to the cone crusher, sand making process into short times. Whether it is with the common jaw crusher or single jaw crusher can achieve excellent results.

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