Mobile Sand Making Machine

Mobile Sand Making Machine

At present in the quarry, the emergence of a new type of equipment. According to the need of processing of mine stone, a variety of mobile devices have been introduced and put on the market. After the mobile crushing station, mobile Sand making machine set off a new round of reform of mine equipment.

In the traditional sand making process, generally use a fixed line. Firstly , a variety of equipment needs to be a solid concrete foundation construction , thus increasing the construction cost of the entire production line. Besides, due to the tedious installation procedures , complex production processes , outputs Aggregate vulnerable secondary pollution , which is resulting in aggregates production plant can not provide high -quality sand and gravel main factors feeding the finished product.

Mobile sand making machine greatly simplifies the process of sand and improving the work efficiency. This machine using the advanced stone hit stone , stone crushing principle and deep cavity blacksmith rotor technology ; using diamond impact block , avoid material damage after impact wear vertical plate ; weeks after local guard can wear down turn around and use, improve material utilization, can improve the life of more than 48% , and so on , which are guaranteed to ensure a greater amount of processing the entire device , higher crushing efficiency , lower operation and maintenance costs. Good performance in the sand on the basis of the structure plus the mobile device is the whole , even more powerful.

Mobile sand making equipment unrestricted environment, which can reach any venue, strong adaptability to the venue, convenient, safe and reliable. Integration of the entire machine, small footprint, improve the flexibility of field presence; It can break material in the first scene, eliminating the material transported from the scene and then crushing the middle part, which greatly reducing the material transport costs.

Mobile sand production line combined with industry demand by sand, using high-performance sand making equipment , which can simultaneously on the hard, super hard abrasive material for medium and fine crushing. Meanwhile, the sand production line is equipped with coarse crushing, fine crushing and screening system that can stand-alone group of independent operations, but also the composition of the system can be flexibly configured unit joint operations.

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