Cement Plant Process Design

Cement Plant Process Design

Global Cement Industry

Cement is a solid material made of clinker, gypsum and other additives. It is mainly used to form concrete, a conglomerate of cement, water, fine sand and coarse aggregates, widely used for civil engineering constructions.

Global cement production has grown steadily from less than 200 million tonnes in 1950 to more than 2500 million tonnes in 2006. In 2006, almost 70% of the world production was in Asia, 47.4% in China, 6.2% in India, 2.7% in Japan, 13.2% in other Asian countries, about 13.4% in Europe and the remainder in Africa (4%), in the US (3.9%), and in other American countries (5.8%).

Cement Plant Process Design

Zenith has been serving the cement industry and the mineral grinding applications for over 50 years, offering a wide range of innovative mineral processing equipment and cement production plant. We are professional in cement plant process design. If you are intent to set up a cement plant, please contact us for processing technology and high quality equipment.

The manufacture of cement is a two-phase process. Clinker is first produced in a kiln system from calcareous (limestone, chalk or marl) and argillaceous (clay or shale) materials, with addition, in some cases, of small amounts of corrective materials (sand, waste bauxite, iron ore). Various fossil fuels and waste fuels are used in this process to reach the reaction temperature of 1450 буC.

Secondly, the clinker is ground with calcium sulphates and with industrial processes wastes such as blast furnace slag, limestone, natural pozzolana and industrial pozzolanic materials, e.g. fly ash, silica fume and burnt shale. 90-150 kWh/t cement are used in the process.

Cement Processing Plant

Zenith design and manufacture a comprehensive line of processing plant and grinding mills and entire cement processing production, mainly including the following types:

Crushing plant for raw materials: jaw crusher, gyratory crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher etc.

Cement grinding mill: grinding occurs at the beginning and the end of the cement making process. Grinding mill is the important machinery in cement production line. The main grinding mill used in cement production includes ball mill, vertical roller mill, ultrafine mill, raymond mill, trapezium mill etc.

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