Cement Mixer Machine

Cement Mixer Machine

Cement Mixer Machine has become popular in recent years

With the development in recent years, the development of new rural construction, the transformation of the old city and other aspects, building roads, bridges, housing is booming, cement as the most important construction material, cement mixer machine is an ideal mixing equipment of various construction sites.

Cement mixer machine , also known as concrete mixers, is used to cement, sand and gravel aggregates and water are mixed and mixed into the concrete mix machinery, mainly by the mixing drum , feeding and discharging institutions , water supply systems, the prime mover , transmission, rack and supporting devices and other components .

different types of Cement Mixer Machine

According to the working nature of intermittent and continuous; by mixing principle of self falling type and forced type; according to installation fixed and mobile; according to the discharging mode of tilting type and non tilting type; according to the mixing tube structure pear type, drum type, double cone, disk spindle type and a circular groove horizontal shaft type etc..

how does the Cement Mixer Machine work ?

The mixer comprises the power mechanism is connected with the transmission shaft and the roller is driven by the transmission mechanism, the gear ring cylinder body is arranged in the cylinder body is provided, arranged on the transmission shaft and gear meshing gears. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, reasonable, the gear, gear ring gear, which can effectively overcome the rain and fog weather, support slipping phenomenon between the wheel and the mixer drum; transmission mechanism can be further ensured by eliminating support slipping phenomenon between the wheel and the mixer drum.

Some maintenance methods to extend the service life of the Cemen mixer

The maintenance of cement mixer is relatively easy, but can not be underestimated, and perhaps a small detail will directly affect the use of mixers. Here are some maintenance methods for cement mixer machine.

  1. Keep work area clean after each use should be completely clear leaves and stir the pot stirring, outside the residual mortar and cleaning materials scattered mortar and dirt and splashing on the machine, after wipe dry, put on guard, prevent dust.
  2. In case of metal impact noise when the machine is running, you should first check the clearance between the stirring leaves and stir the pot is correct.
  3. the use of stirring the pot, to gently, not free to crash, in order to avoid stirring the pot deformation.
  4. When stirring the pot or replacement blades, the gap should be adjusted according to the aforementioned method.
  5. no external mixer cement paste filling hole. Pay worm gear box, gear bearings and other moving parts, and pay quarterly plus molybdenum disulfide grease once were open when refueling between the bearing cap, bearing with column guide, should always drip oil lubrication between the lifting mechanism, maintenance once a year, the unit all the cleaning and filling oil and grease.

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