Bauxite Crushing Plant

In the modern mining processing line, bauxite is an important raw-material which is used to produce aluminum.Bauxite can be widely used in many industries, among which the most important is to be used to refining aluminum, working as refractory and abrasive materials, and raw materials for high alumina cement. But it is always found near the surface, so we need surface mining equipments. Bauxite crusher machine is one of the most important surface mining equipment in bauxite crushing plant.

Bauxite Crushing Plant

In order to facilitate the exploitation of the ore, we has developed a variety of bauxite crusher,which using an advanced hydraulic power system, greatly improved work efficiency, saving investment costs, and also reduces the human waste, at the same time the operation more simple and convenient. Here are listed two kinds of bauxite crushing plant:

  1. Jaw crusher + Impact crusher + Vibrating screening + Vibrating feeder
  2. Jaw crusher+ Impact crusher + Cone Crusher + VSI Crusher + Vibrating screening + Vibrating feeder

But do you know how does the crusher work in the bauxite crushing plant? Bauxite crusher is used to break the big size mineral ore down to a smaller size suitable for transporting along the conveyor belt to the refineries. The crushing plant is made up of a number of components that include vibrating screen, stone crushing machine and grinder. Fine material drops through the vibrating screen while larger material passes over the screen to the crusher that breaks up the large rocks. The material that passes through the vibrating screen is collected, and the material which does not pass through should be further reduced before it is passed to the conveyor. Our Conveyor belts are used to transport the crushed ore to the destination.

It is estimated that approximately 95% of the world's bauxite production is processed first into alumina, and then into aluminum by electrolysis. This ore are typically classified according to their intended commercial application: metallurgical, abrasive, cement, chemical, and refractory. So in order to mining bauxite, we should choose the right combination of mining equipments. Only Iin that way can we get the higher efficiency and returns.

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